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Epoxy Flooing Done Right Warranty

We stand by our work!

Limited Lifetime Warranty (25)

By using the best materials on the market and our highly-skilled workforce, Epoxy Flooring Done Right is proud to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on certain products and packages. That’s right — we guarantee that over the lifetime of your floor, it won’t peel or fail.

Epoxy Flooring Done Right is to create floors that have the potential to last a lifetime. But, there are some factors that can affect your floors that are simply outside our craftsmanship and control.

Our warranty excludes damage to or dulling of finish caused by prolonged use or customer negligence which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Heavy use
  • Lack of maintenance and care
  • Harsh chemicals used for cleaning
  • Cleaning with abrasive material and/or detergents
  • The use of pressure washers and scrubbing/buffing machines

We use the top quality materials on the market to provide you with durable, strong floor coatings. However, our warranty excludes damage from outside forces like abuse, neglect, and misuse. What’s that mean?

  • Scratches
  • Damage from impact
  • Spinning tires
  • Flame
  • Mechanical damage to the underlying concrete
  • Lack of maintenance and cleaning

Our warranty does not cover damage due to harsh chemicals such as:

  • Battery acid
  • Brake fluid
  • Paint stripper
  • Industrial solvents or like products

Our warranty excludes moisture-related issues, including intrusion, efflorescence and hydro-static pressure.

While we patch and repair your concrete flooring during our prepping process, our warranty excludes any outside defects in the concrete or substrate that could affect your epoxy floor coating or polyurea flooring that includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Heaving
  • Shifting
  • Popping
  • Settling
  • Moisture issues
  • Geo-movement and/or structural foundation movement

This warranty does not apply to damage caused by a hydro-static water problem, moisture vapor permeating the concrete slab, or exposure to either battery acid or brake fluid. This warranty does not cover changes or oxidation of the coating as a result of normal weathering or atmosphere conditions.

This warranty does not apply to damage caused by cracks in the substrate prior to or occurring after the installation of the floor coating system that appear from ground shift and expansion/contraction of the substrate, cracking due to substrate movement is not under warranty regardless of whether same was repaired during original installation or not.

There is no warranty for cracks or crack repair. Areas repaired under this warranty may vary in color and texture from areas originally installed which are not repaired.

This limited warranty shall not apply in the case of improper substrate construction, exposure of the products to solvents and/or higher concentrations of acids other than that moisture from within, under or adjacent to the concrete surface.

* Customer will be responsible for the product price increase over above the original price.

If you ever have any questions, want something looked at or adjusted, or for some reason need something fixed, always call the polyurea concrete floors team.

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