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Epoxy Flooring Installation Process

Our Flake Epoxy Floor creates a vibrant, seamless, resilient surface that brightens and creates a clean look to any space. This system consists of the following process:

Step 1: We diamond grind your conrete to achieve a proper surface profile for maximum adhesion of the epoxy. All of our diamond grinding machines have HEPA vacumms attached to maintain a clean and virtually dustless environment.

Step 2 (if necessary) We fix any cracks or pitting that may exist using our polymer modified oncrete or epoxy patch.

Step 3: We apply a basecoat of a 100% solids commercial grade epoxy primer.

Step 4: We broadcast the decorative flake with your color of your choice.

Step 5: Apply a final topcoat of Polyaspartic or Aliphatic Epoxy. (Aluminum Oxide can be broadcast at this point to create a non-slip, textured floor).

Preparation is essential for a successful Epoxy Floor Application. We grind and prepare the surface before applying basecoat/sealant.

Typical installation time is approximately 1-2 days, but in most cases it is the SAME DAY.